Webinar: Top Security Risks for Families

Webinar: Top Security Risks for Families
  • September 7, 2022

Webinar Title: Wealthy Families Face Security Threats. Don’t Be Complacent; Mitigate the Risks!

Webinar Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 2:00 pm EST

Ken Eyler, CEO of Aquilance, and leading family office advisor, will chair a panel discussion with Jason James of Regents & Park, and Joe Andrews of RosettiStar, both top thought leaders in the security, investigation, and protection space, who will recommend best practices to safeguard wealthy families from security risks.

The panel will help you stay ahead of the curve by exploring the ramifications of being complacent about security, and the potential cost of not being proactive with preventative measures. Our experts will provide real life examples that emphasize things to consider, and ways to regain control.

Most victims of cybercrime do not imagine it ever happening to them – until it does. This is especially true for wealthy families, who are often top targets for fraudsters. The FBI notes in their most recent Internet Crime Report, impersonator fraud has become the costliest type of cyber-attack, with more than 19,000 complaints last year claiming a total adjusted loss of approximately $1.8 Billion. If you think installing a spam filter or buying a MacBook is all you need, think again, and learn from this thought-provoking discussion on surefire ways to remain protected.

We value your personal safety, privacy, and financial wellbeing at Aquilance, and with our services and through this webinar, our goal is to help provide you greater peace of mind.

Ken Eyler — CEO, Aquilance
Jason James, CISA, CDPSE — Partner, Regents & Park
Joe Andrews — Managing Director, RosettiStarr