Our Approach

We are driven by personal relationships and enabled by advanced technology. We work to deliver an exceptional service experience that addresses your specific requirements and evolves to meet the changing circumstances of your life. To deliver on this promise, we assign a dedicated Relationship Manager to each engagement. This experienced professional comes to understand your needs and preferences, and is on call to answer your questions, supply any information you need, and handle your requests.
  1. Initial Discovery: We will have a series of discussions with you and/or your advisors to define your requirements and develop a nuanced understanding of what issues you are trying to solve.
  2. Definition of Scope: We will ask you to fill out a client questionnaire that provides the details we will need to customize a solution for you and your family. This allows us to define a clear scope of work and present a set fee for our services for you to approve.
  3. Onboarding: We will work with you and your team to develop an appropriate onboarding strategy that may, among other things, require account setup(s) and limited POA(s), document submission, billing address changes, data and document aggregation, establishing data feeds, and occasional calls or meetings to review progress and our mutual understanding of goals.
  4. Consolidation & Simplification: From the outset of our relationship, we look for ways to streamline the administration of your personal finances with the goal of improving accuracy, efficiency, and security.
  5. Ongoing Support: An individual Relationship Manager will be assigned to oversee the day-to-day administration of your account. We will also provide you with a simple way to contact your entire support team via email, so you will have continuity of service, even when your Relationship Manager is on vacation.

Technology and CyberSecurity

We have discovered that you can’t deliver a truly customized service experience with out-of-the-box software. Our proprietary technology, BillFlow Systems, gives us a distinct advantage. It has predictive capabilities that allow us to know when payments are due and take corrective action if bills don’t arrive. It frees up time spent on manual processes to focus on delivering value-added services.

Having worked with ultra-high-net-worth families since our founding, we understand the need for absolute discretion, privacy, and security. While we continually invest in proprietary technology to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of our services, cybersecurity and the resilience of our systems are always our primary concern. Some of the extensive measures we have taken include:

  • Encrypting client data at rest and in transit, stored on our own servers in a secure, SOC-2 compliant, commercial data center, not ‘unknown’ web servers
  • Using a dedicated separate network for client data, with strict access controls
  • Requiring IT executive permission on all software installation to prevent accidental malware installation
  • Restricting remote access so that it is only available via a dedicated VPN, and requiring both a physical “key” and password
  • Providing frequent education of employees on Cybersecurity scams, and internal testing of employee responses
  • Implementing strict controls over physical space, including biometric access
  • Requiring verbal callback authorization for wires
  • Using a robust internal control process for payments, with limited access to client funds
  • Requiring executive approval on new vendor additions
  • Conducting​ external penetration testing, and maintaining​ a Certified Chief Information Security Officer on retainer
  • Utilizing dual generator backup power for the data center and duplicate, encrypted backup servers in a remote location