Services Overview

A fully integrated, comprehensive suite of solutions.

Created specifically to address the complex, multifaceted needs of highly affluent families, our suite of services simplifies the administration of your personal finances and provides you and your advisors with the detailed reports needed to make well-informed budgeting, planning, and investing choices.

Our professionals maintain long-term working relationships with our customers which, in many cases, go back decades. These relationships allow us to offer an unparalleled level of personalized service and detailed financial history. Whether the goal is to alleviate an already hectic schedule, or to make important decisions, we can help you.

Personal Bookkeeping and BillPay

Far too many affluent families don’t have an accurate answer to a simple question…

Entity and Partnership Accounting

Affluent families usually have organizational configurations that go beyond…

Consolidated Investment Performance Reporting

Sophisticated ultra-high net worth investors and their family offices may hold…

Additional Services

In addition to our core services, we offer an extensive suite of personal, financial, administration services…


Your family’s financial administration is complex.

Joe’s father Bill Farren founded My Accountant with his friend Norb Janis in 1987 as a new kind of financial service. For several decades, as My Accountant, we provided personal bookkeeping and bill payment for busy individuals. As Aquilance, we honor and preserve Bill and Norb’s legacy as we look towards the future.

We still serve some of the same busy individuals and families that we did decades ago–and now hundreds more–but we do so with new, expanded services and dramatically enhanced technology.

Writing the next chapters as Aquilance, we are excited by the opportunity to help more families gain clarity, understanding, and peace of mind. We hope you find this site informative and useful. We’d love to hear from you.