Now Announcing: <br>My Accountant Rebrands to Aquilance
  • December 1, 2021

At My Accountant, we have been a leading provider of financial and administrative services for high-net-worth families, individuals, and family offices. Today, we are proud to announce our rebrand to Aquilance.

The rebrand reflects our ongoing evolution of services and technology to better meet an ever widening range of administrative needs from our growing client base. Additionally, after more than three decades of tireless service, Bill Farren is transitioning into a well-deserved retirement, elevating Joe Farren to President. We have also elected Ken Eyler as our first CEO to meet the rapidly increasing demand among our clients.

My Accountant was founded in 1987 by Bill Farren and Norb Janis as an outsourced bill pay and accounting service but has since evolved to include a much larger, more holistic set of services. As a testament to our quality and reliability, many of our clients remain active across successive generations — some for as long as 30 years — since very early in our history. These are clients who require more than just personal bookkeeping; they rely on us for investment performance reporting, multiple family entity and complex partnership accounting, payroll services, medical claims processing, life and P&C insurance reviews, and much more. Outsourcing these services provides unparalleled peace of mind.

“There’s never been a more exciting time for us, and the market need for what we offer is stronger today than ever before,” noted Joe Farren, President of Aquilance. “My father, Bill, started this business more than three decades ago, and I’ve seen how we’ve evolved over that time. Many of our clients are people I’ve known most of my life. As we embark on this new stage of growth, update our identity, take on Ken as CEO, and create new bespoke technology that cannot be found anywhere else, we are thrilled by the opportunities we see ahead.”

Our new name, Aquilance, was chosen with a nod to the quill that has been part of our logo for many years. As a combination of “Aquila” — a constellation of the mythological eagle that carried Zeus’ thunderbolts — and “finance,” the basis of our service offering, the name represents not only the steadfast, comprehensive, and quality service we are known for, but also our expanded vision for Aquilance. Importantly, the rebrand marks a new stage of growth for us, with an enhanced suite of services and technology that have been implemented over the past year — a substantial part of it designed and engineered in-house to better serve the expanding needs of our vast and growing client base.

“I am incredibly excited to join this business and play a direct role in guiding the firm’s already strong trajectory,” noted Ken Eyler, our new CEO, who joins the team following his role as an active investor and partner in My Accountant, as well as several decades working with wealthy families. “Our clients are some of the most impressive people you will ever meet. Many of them have created successful companies, navigated remarkable careers in sports, entertainment, and business, and they rely on us to take care of the day-to-day activities that are time-consuming yet critical. By working with Aquilance, their time can be better spent building companies, overseeing charitable organizations, and enjoying what they like, and we are excited to expand our services available to this growing market.”

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