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Signature Access Program

Exclusive Offer for Morgan Stanley Signature Access Clients

Morgan Stanley Signature Access clients will receive exclusive benefits including free document storage and complimentary onboarding and implementation services for our Bookkeeping and Billpay services, which can represent a savings of up to 10% in the first year.

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Personal Bookkeeping and billpay

A clear understanding of income and spending activity across all bank accounts and credit cards, and all properties and activities, leads to transparency around the true costs of each component of life.

Personal Bookkeeping and Billpay are foundational elements of overall financial clarity. With timely transactional detail and comprehensive, well-classified reporting, the details of spending can allow for truly informed decision making.

Complex Financial Lives Have Complex Spending Patterns

Our services ensure that bills will be paid promptly, accurately, and securely. All spending and payment information is then aggregated into one set of comprehensive books, providing a clear picture of liquidity needs and allows informed financial decisions to be made.

The services we offer:

  • Categorize bills by individual property and expense type
  • Aggregate all spending and payment information into one set of comprehensive books
  • Provide a clear picture of liquidity needs and allows for concrete financial decisions
  • Present a custom-built, secure system to build a database of expected bills

Real estate executive

Net Worth: $50M+  /  Annual Income; $7.5M+  /  Annual Spending: $4M+


Client was constantly late on payments or making duplicate payments, getting late and shutoff notices, incurring late fees, interest, and penalties all of which were negatively affecting their credit rating. There were also regular interruptions at work to resolve billing issues with vendors.


The client’s tax accountant recommended utilizing Aquilance’s Billpay and Personal Bookkeeping services to handle their bill payment. We had the client forward all their bills to us for direct payment, and ever since this transition there have been no more late payments, penalties, or interest charges. We’ve managed to improve and maintain the client’s topnotch credit rating, as well as assist the tax accountant by providing organized, timely reports for use in tax prep.

About Aquilance

Aquilance was founded to address the complex financial administration needs of families and individuals of wealth.

Currently serving hundreds of families, we provide a diverse range of services, including personal bookkeeping and bill pay, consolidated accounting across multi-entity family structures and complex investment partnerships, consolidated investment performance reporting, ILIT administration, and much more. Founded in 1987, the firm’s mission continues to be enriching the quality of life of our clients by eliminating time spent on managing family finances and to empower effective decision-making by delivering timely and accurate reports to families and their advisors.

Optimized for Families With Complex Finances

Created to address complex financial administration needs, our services complement those of your wealth manager, CPA, estate attorney, and other trusted advisors.

Proven Process and Experienced People

We combine proprietary technology with a high-touch service model. Your relationship is overseen by a dedicated relationship manager who understands your needs.

Fully Integrated, Comprehensive Solutions

We offer an expansive suite of fully integrated services to address every aspect of personal financial administration.

Additional Services Offered by Aquilance

Aquilance offers an extensive suite of household financial administration services, which can be used in any combination to create the single integrated solution that best addresses your needs.

These include:

  • Entity and Partnership Accounting
  • Consolidated Investment Performance Reporting
  • ILIT Administration
  • Domestic Payroll Services
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Custom Services as Agreed Upon

To learn more about Aquilance:

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